Corporate Identity

It is vital for any business to display a strong and consistent Identity. It reflects the tone and personality of your Company and its products or services to your customers. To do this well requires an understanding of what your business is about and where it wants to be.

A Corporate Identity may start with the creation of a logo, but the implementation of a successful identity involves co-ordinating its application across different mediums, its marketing and its communication from the ground up. She Codes can establish comprehensive Style Guides to help you do just that.

Graphics Services

With a strong background in Graphics, She Codes will make sure that your Corporate Identity and Branding remains consistent, both online and off.

Offering a full range of Print and Graphics Services, She Codes will ensure your Branding is executed with creativity to ensure that you stand out from your competition.

Get In Touch

If you’re a startup and want help creating an Indentity, or an established business in need of graphics services, then please get in touch.

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