Why Use Social Media?

Social Media can be a valuable asset to your business. It provides a cost-effective channel to promote your Website, Brand or Product. It’s the perfect way to engage with your customers. Social Media activity is also popular with Search Engines and can drive significant traffic to your Website. But with such a huge variety to choose from, it’s important to decide your goals first and then pick the platforms best suited to you and your target audience.

Choosing the Right Social Media Accounts

She Codes can help you plan how you can use Social Media for your business and the choose the relevant platforms to use. She Codes will set up accounts on your behalf with clean, crisp Logotypes and styling to match Branding Guidelines.

Lots of companies can find running social media accounts overwhelming. At She Codes, we help you to plan your activity schedules at realistic levels so that your social media activities are manageable.

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Ready to get Social?

If you’re looking to strengthen your Digital Presence and start driving traffic to your Website, you’re in the right place. From setting up and branding accounts to offering a monthly social media package, SheCodes can help to you get started. For more details, please get in touch.

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Digital Review 2015

Slides 336-346 are UK specific. Source wearesocial.sg

slide statistics of social media usage in the uk for 2015