So What are Web Analytics?

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Web Analytics are tools that collect information about your Website, your visitors, and how your visitors connect with your Website. You can then analyse this data to make informed business decisions on areas for improvement to help maximise your Company’s digital efforts.

You will know which online activities are working for you. You can identify which areas of your Website to optimise in response to customer interaction. You can tweak your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to drive more traffic to your Website.

Which Analytics Should I Use?

There are lots of Analytical tools out there, some are free and others are available on a subscription basis. With them, you can collect an incredible amount of data – how long visitors stay on your site, what actions they took, where they came from, which browser they were using, how they found your site. Some even let you see this information in real time. But for some individuals and small businesses this can soon become a jumbled mass of confusing data.

At She Codes, we like to keep it simple. First, a free Google Analytics account is opened and the tracking code added to your Website. She Codes will then link your Google Analytics account to a Google Webmaster Tools account, recently rebranded as Google Search Console.

Which Analytics Should I Look At?

With both Google Analytics and Google Search Console combined you will be able to harvest very useful data that you can put to good use to improve traffic to you Website and better connect with your visitors.

You will be able to see which search phrases bring the most traffic with SEO and Keywords Reports. Use this to match with your page titles and descriptions to improve click through rates (CTR). Increase organic search with this information by applying the same key phrases to appropriate images and page links, and fine tune your copywriting to include content that matches these search terms.

Your Top Referrers Report will tell you which social media activities are connecting the most with your visitors. Then you can see which type of post is working well and do more of the same. You will also know which directory sites are good at driving traffic to your Website and perhaps consider improving free listings with paid advertising on those sites.

Let’s Analyse

She Codes can offer a monthly site maintenance package to help you analysis your digital activities and improve your Website’s SEO. For more details, please get in touch.

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