The She Codes Workflow Process

Considering a website, or reviewing your online digital activities can be a daunting task. The workflow used at She Codes has been developed to help you understand and guide you through the process of Responsive Web Development.

1> Discovery Process

It’s important to understand exactly what you want and need your Website to achieve. Before any web development begins, an initial meeting is set up to work through a ‘Briefing Document’.

This document is carefully written to gather all the information necessary and start the process of a Digital Strategy Analysis.

This doesn’t just look at your Website alone, but involves looking at how your Website will work with your branding, how it will exist with social media and other forms of digital marketing, and how you plan to monitor its performance once launched.

Once we have identified your Website’s reason for being, we then look at your clients’ wants and needs, as part of the UX Design (UX). The UX concentrates on how a user ‘feels’ when using a website. The aim is to make the User Experience as positive as possible.

This is done by building clear navigation and ordering content in a logical format that’s easy to understand. This is the Information Architecture (IA).

UX Design is about providing the relevant functionality but without overcomplicating the process. It’s homing in on what your users’ needs will be, so that the site’s information is presented in a format to match. It’s the make or break between a site that makes you think ‘Ok, that was easy enough’ to ‘Wow, this site is really good.’

The UX Design runs alongside looking at Search Engine Optimisation so that SEO basics are included in the IA navigation and content from the very start.

UX Design

It’s the make or break between a site that makes you think ‘Ok, that was easy enough’ to ‘Wow, this site is really good.’

Nathalie – SheCodes

2> Creative Process

The Creative Process concentrates on the look and feel of the website. Web Design is not just about looking at colour schemes and picking typefaces. You also need to consider the tone and feel of the written content, the style of photography, illustration and the presentation of information across responsive layouts.

It’s essential to work with all the site’s assets as a whole in order to create a cohesive experience that matches your branding, reflects the core values of your company and at all times keeps focus on the User Experience (UX).

In the wake of Responsive Web Design the majority of the design process now takes place live in the browser. She Codes creates dynamic mockups so that you can experience first hand how the layout and content will respond to different devices.

3> Technical Process

The Technical Process concentrates on coding the actual structure of the Content Management System (CMS). She Codes specialises in creating Custom WordPress Themes from scratch. As the CMS shell is constructed, close attention is paid to the admin interface so that a positive User Experience is created for you too, and the day to day maintenance and running of the site is designed to be as intuitive as possible.

The WordPress Theme is constructed using php, HTML and CSS, with javascript adding specific functionality as required, but at all times emphasis is on keeping it simple.

Performance Testing is carried out throughout the site build to keep the code error free and keep page load times to a minimum.

4> Review Phase

Once the Website is built, it’s important to carry out User Testing. Valuable information can be gathered from bringing genuine users to test your site who can often identify problems and usability issues that those close to the project might miss. Once the User Testing is complete, any problems can be corrected and design elements fine tuned.

5> Launch Phase

With a flurry of activity on Social Media to start generating interest it’s time to launch your responsive Website and get familiarised with your Website documentation.

6> Post Launch Phase

It’s important to listen to customer feedback once the site has gone live, and if needed She Codes will continue to make small tweaks and provide support for the first 3 months. It will then be an ongoing process for you to monitor the performance of your site through the use of Website Analytics to tweak for SEO, highlight possible areas for improvement based on user interaction and gauge the success of any associated digital marketing.

7> Site Maintenance

If you prefer, She Codes can continue with a Website Maintenance plan once the main design and build is complete. You are then free to concentrate on your business without being bogged down by the technical aspects of running and maintaining a Website.

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