Web Design and Colors – What Works for What?

Choosing the most ideal and suitable colors for your web design is almost as crucial as the overall web design itself. With colors having this ability to make a person feel a certain way, it is a must that you choose one which will best match the general tone that you would like to convey to all your visitors.

Among the most common and usual mistakes is using colors which don’t reflect one another that well into the design. Experts highly suggest that you make the most out of websites or web-based tools that can help you find the right color scheme for your design.

For this reason, it is a must that you review different color schemes as you consider the specific mode and tone that you would like to set through your chosen layout.


Black is often an epitome of power, sophistication, or evil. This is a wonderful option for text color on light background. However, take note that it can be a difficult color on your eyes for the background if you use it with white text.


White suggests purity, cleanliness, or truthfulness. White works as a wonderful background color for websites related to a business.


Red is a color which often suggests passion, aggressiveness, or sex. According to people who are part of the business world, this can also be identified with the idea of debt. This is also believed to be the most emotionally intense hue which can stimulate faster breathing and heartbeat.


Green suggests freedom, growth, or abundance. In the world of business, this can also be a representation of wealth.


Blue suggests dignity or trust. This is possibly the most famous choice of color in the business world. A lot of people say that it indicates responsibility in the world of business.


Brown suggests helpfulness or politeness. This color is very rarely used in most layouts but once used properly, this can surely stand out from the rest.


Pink suggests innocence or nurturing. This is a great color choice if you plan to target a younger audience mainly composed of females.


Gray is said to suggest earnestness. In the world of business, it suggests conservative or tradition. This is also an excellent background color that is a bit easier on the eyes compared to plain white once used with dark text color. This is also great with almost all other colors.


Purple suggests wealth, luxury, or royal. Purple is notably a favorite in the artistic community although it doesn’t have any actual meaning as far as businesses are concerned.


Yellow indicates happiness, jealousy, or cowardice. This must never be used on lighter colored sites as it is hard to read when used improperly.


Orange suggests warm, ambition, or pleasure. This is yet another color which is not commonly seen in web design.

Now that you know about the different colors, you can choose the right ones for your web design project.


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